How to Prepare for your First Teacher Interview

So, you’ve graduated, you’re a fully certified teacher now, and you’re feeling good. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only hard part in the path to success. To get a job as a teacher, you have to interview with the principal of the school, and just like any other job interview, messing it up could prevent you from getting a job at that school. With that being said, there are a lot of ways you can prepare for an interview with a principal and improve your chances of success. Check back for more tips or hire us to tutor your child

Like most job interviews, it’s important to know who you’ll be talking to before you go. You may only speak with the principal, but in some cases, you might be expected to speak before a panel of teachers and even parents. You aren’t expected to be completely free of nervousness, but you are expected to be able to stay positive and energetic whether one person or ten are interviewing you.

It’s also important to know about the location you’re going into. Employers like it when their potential employees are actually interested in the workplace, so you should know a good bit about the school district and the school itself before you actually go for the interview. It shows that you care about more than getting paid.

And most importantly, you should be ready to perform. Sure, maybe you look great on paper and you sound good in conversation, but the principal wants to know if that translates to actual effectiveness. You should be prepared to be observed while teaching to determine whether or not you’re the right person to be hired.

What you bring to an interview is important as well, but there are three that are critical. The first is a show-and-tell portfolio What you choose to bring in that portfolio reflects what you think is important, and what you choose to leave out says something about you as well. Bring a portfolio that shows what you can offer, and don’t leave out anything the principal might think is important.

If you can, you should also bring letters of recommendation for respectable figures. This may be difficult if you’ve just graduated of course, but if you can get letters of recommendation from reliable sources, you can lend credence to your abilities and drive.

Finally, and perhaps the most important is a can-do attitude. A great teacher often has a great personality. And what principals are looking for in new teachers is a personality and enthusiasm that speaks volumes about how eager they are to teach the next generation. Pessimism and uncertainty don’t appeal to anyone, so it’s critical that you present yourself in the most capable and enthusiastic manner you can.

And of course, there are numerous questions you should probably prepare for before the interview, but these can be extremely varied depending on what district you’re looking to work in. There are dozens of ‘possible’ questions, so you’re better off looking up which ones you might be expected to answer elsewhere.

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